Can ho flora

Ehome 5

Why we should choose an apartment of Ehome 5?

Ehome 5 The Bridgeview is said the place that you can find out the dream apartment for yourself because of many reasons. - Arduino learning for Vietnamese

Arduino is a common electronics language for newbie. It's not just a software, it's a hardware as well. There're a lot of people over the world using Arduino for their project. They're artists, engineers, hobbyist... And a lot of children using it to learn programming. But in Vietnam, it's new. At this time, there are only some students in university using it as a backup solution for their excercises. 

Backup battery charger circuit

If you need more battery juice while travelling, then you need a backup battery to charge your smartphone. There's a lot of charger but it does not work for a long time. Your charger will die some day. Why? It's true that your charger circuit is damaged.

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